Tc's Designs

I'm Tc, and I enjoy working with cloth fabric and making O.O.A.K cloth designs to share with others to bring a smile a chuckle or to help remember a special day. so come on in and look around and see what I've been working on who knows there just may be something You,, enjoy and if there is anything you see and have a question about just email me at . Have fun! TC

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

and the count down begins

yep 5 more days,,,lol my son is counting the days to attack the gifts. he's going to be so surprised with Santas gifts... shhhhhh I'm not telling,, but it has been something he asked for sense last year and they sold out last year.. so when i saw them this year i snatched one up. he only asked for small things this year so this will be a great surprise.

as for me well all my gist making is totally done. I've been working on patterns for next years projects,, one is a sweet mini block for newly weds. and the other is a pentagram block for a dear dear friend. and of course a Family name quilt for us of everyone on our side of the family,,, you know like Kids and Grandkids. something for me in my old age to remember who is I so enjoy quilting.

have a wonderful Christmas,, I'll try and pop back before the new year so keep crafting and I'll see you soon.. TC

Saturday, December 10, 2011

morning Buzz

was cyber looking at this designers web site at Me & My Stitches , , , Julie Letvin,, she makes mini quilt designs from paper into jewelry.. the detail is so sweet,, she has a blog too in th Jan/Fed issue of Love of Quilting by Fon's & Porter's on page 38-39 she has the sweetest pincushion of the pineapple punch.. 3 1/2 square in size,, just too cute, just think she can do this even smaller into jewelry.. how cool is that..

After seeing that makes me want to try doing quilt blocks smaller in cloth.. now be interesting,, for sure.

Sunday, December 4, 2011


Still working on a few last min. wall quilt blocks. as usually hubby at the last moment says" Hon could you do one for so in so or maybe if you have enough time a couple more for so and so. SO! I'm busy doing up a couple more for so and so. just love my hubby and his timeing.. LOL Happy Christmas All..