Tc's Designs

I'm Tc, and I enjoy working with cloth fabric and making O.O.A.K cloth designs to share with others to bring a smile a chuckle or to help remember a special day. so come on in and look around and see what I've been working on who knows there just may be something You,, enjoy and if there is anything you see and have a question about just email me at . Have fun! TC

Sunday, October 30, 2011

another holiday quilt

yep I'm still at it,,lol sitching away,, enjoying myself. sharing with you another holiday wall quilt. Snow flakes & holly,, 14 x 14. all fat quartes in the making.. well enjoy my wall quilts,,, who know's what else might pop up.. happ stitching,, TC

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Tree Quilt

this is my tree Yule tree quilt undecorated.. I'm going to add tensel a star and some beads and a few mini ornaments,, Maybe. I got the pattern on line,,, I'll have to look up the link and repost it,, it was from a version of a Christmas Tree Rag Quilt pattern,, but it showed a non-rag pattern which i used.. i added an extra boarder to it and did my own color theme. it's 31 x 31.. used fat quarters and 1-1/2 yardage. it was way fun,, so this is the before pic and soon I'll post the after pic once i decorate it with some bling.. enjoy.. TC

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

my other Daughters quilt block

Just finished up a quilt block for my other daughter for yule.. can't wait to see their faces. they going to be so surprised...

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A wall Quilt for oldest Daughter

oh I had a sudden desire to make my Oldest Daughter a Wall Quilt for Yule.. something for her to have for years and to remember Dear Ole MOM by.. it's a ohio star quilt block pattern i saw on line and used chirstmas colors to make it more holiday theme.. plus i added my oldest daughters kids names to it... thank goodness she's onlt got 4 or I'd run out of corners on the quilt,,, Happy Crafting TC

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Saints Wall Quilt

This Quilt was a request by my son.Nate. and it met his aproval every step of the way. so here is his Saints wall Quilt. 17 X 18 finshed.. enjoy TC

Thursday, October 6, 2011

As of Today Oct. 6th 2011

You'll be seeing most of my crafts in here, example my Halloween Quilt,, Casper it's a Wall Quilt i made from Fat quarters it's 25 1/2 by 17,, my own design layout and yes it's got some Boo boos, but that makes it fitting for a Halloween theme.. hope you enjoy,, TC