Tc's Designs

I'm Tc, and I enjoy working with cloth fabric and making O.O.A.K cloth designs to share with others to bring a smile a chuckle or to help remember a special day. so come on in and look around and see what I've been working on who knows there just may be something You,, enjoy and if there is anything you see and have a question about just email me at . Have fun! TC

Sunday, April 22, 2012

April 22

it's April all ready almost over and I've been so bad,, in the fact that instead of doing my crafts I've had my nose buried in my ereader reading books. some classice like wurthering heights, little woman, Black beauty,, just to name a few,,lol I so love to read...BUT I do have a Quillow to finish up. whats a Quillow,, it's a quilt thatr can be folded up to make a pillow.. going to make this for my grandson/Savian.. he loves Dragons like his Grandma,,lol so I'm making this for his birthday,, so i really got to get busy,,lol well got to run and get stitching,, promise pics soon.. ttfn Happy Crafting All! TC

Friday, February 17, 2012

Here again 2/17/2012

Just stopping by to let you know I now have a new computer a BIG One. no more laptop, gave that back to hubby.. now i will be able to share crafting pics again... YA! right now i got things in different stages, some just started- new qilt block- and others just thought up,,_ to make a 3.5 x 5 flip writing pad holder, lol always something in the works.. just to slow down and work on something simplely fun.

will be raining here so good time to stay indoors and sew.. so until next time Happy Crafting.. TC

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Looky Looky Looky Pictures

Candy Mug Matt

Spring Lap/wall Quilt

These are the things I've been doing while i was away.. enjoy TC

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Jan 29th 2012

Dec 24 found me being zapped by 33 virus at once. due to slow server and even slower protecter down loads.. I lost my main computer.. so I'm currently using my Hubbys laptop.. I've been busy with making mug matt quilts, and a Spring lap quilt, just have to add boarder then i'm finished. Can't share pics with you because laptop won't let me download printer or cameria.. so until I replace my big computer,, I'll just visit and let you know what I'm doing.. so for now happy crafting I've gone to work on a new mug matt.. tootles.. TC