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I'm Tc, and I enjoy working with cloth fabric and making O.O.A.K cloth designs to share with others to bring a smile a chuckle or to help remember a special day. so come on in and look around and see what I've been working on who knows there just may be something You,, enjoy and if there is anything you see and have a question about just email me at . Have fun! TC

Sunday, October 30, 2011

another holiday quilt

yep I'm still at it,,lol sitching away,, enjoying myself. sharing with you another holiday wall quilt. Snow flakes & holly,, 14 x 14. all fat quartes in the making.. well enjoy my wall quilts,,, who know's what else might pop up.. happ stitching,, TC


Joyce Reyes said...

Good Golly miss Molly. Better late than never but 3 years??? LOL
I just got in and saw your Blog. I have never made one but guess it would be fun to get all my arts in one place, Just have to learn all this fancy sharing ways. I am into quilting again as became a new Great grandma again last month. Now working on a quilt for this little new baby.

Joyce Reyes said...

Going to check and see if your on Facebook so we can get in contact again.
Wishing you a Happy Mother's Day